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By Dr. Debbie Bright, DC, MS I am thrilled to stand alongside my latest health partner, Beautycounter, as one of the top leaders in the cosmetic industry pushing for safer ingredient laws. Beauty products should be good for you, and the...

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By Dr. Debbie Bright, DC, MS I am thrilled to stand alongside my latest health partner, Beautycounter, as one of the top leaders in the...

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Dr. Debbie Bright, DC, MS

Weight loss and gut-health expert Dr. Debbie Bright is an internationally-recognized and board-certified Functional Medicine Physician. She helps Millennials discover their hidden food sensitivities so they can lose that last 7-21 pounds within 21 days or less—all while dramatically up-leveling their energy so they can look years younger and feel better fast. Dr. Debbie is best recognized on social media platforms as the ‘look good naked doctor’, educating her community as to why certain ‘health foods’ are actually sabotaging our weight, skin, energy, hormones and overall well-being. She believes in fast, effective root-cause results so you never have to diet again.
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🤐 No excuses. Every bite is a conscious choice. Will you choose to make this Holiday Season the one that sets you and your goals in action? Only 8 more weeks to 2020... Who will you be as well approach the New Year?
Yes — @drdebbiebright is having some candy to celebrate this Happy Halloween! What?! It’s true. But I’m doing this the right way. . .

So what’s the right way to eat candy and not feel guilty about it?

First off, I’m having @smartsweets which is a great brand that has taken a serious amount of sugar out of our favorite childhood yummies. This bag of Sour Blast Buddies has only 3 grams of sugar in the entire bag—which is LESS than just 3 Sour Patch Kids candies! Three! Now I love sour candy so let me tell you having these and not suffering an immediate headache like I get from the sugar and chemicals in other brand is a huge win for me! And no, I’m not affiliated at all with this company, I just like what they’re doing.

The second secret to enjoying a sweet treat on a day like today is to have it after having a complete meal that hits all your winning hormones. Protein + Healthy Fat + Fiber from veggies and slow digesting carbs will make you feel satisfied—so much so that it’s actually easy to turn down sweets because you feel complete. Keep this in mind for your kiddos too—calories don’t matter—feeding them real food is the way to keep them healthy.

My third tip involves recognizing sugar addiction. If you’re having a piece or two of candy on Halloween, this is called ENTERTAINMENT. If you’re unable to stop and keep going back for more, stealing it from the kiddos or eating it even when you feel like sh*t—you have now shifted from ENTERTAINMENT to ADDICTION.

So have a bite of something dark and chocolatey, say mmmmmmm and don’t make yourself wrong for it. Tomorrow, get it out of your house. We’re officially deep into that time of year where sugar (not a lack of flu shots!) will derail your immune system, pack on those inflammatory pounds and zap you of energy.

Use these tips to keep it real with yourself and your health. Have and safe and scary Halloween! 👻🎃🤡
Hey you—I see you.

And it’s time to GOYA (get off your ass).

It’s time to stop second guessing yourself.

Not everyone is going to agree with your goals, your opinions or the path you choose when faced with a fork in the road.

And that’s okay.

What others can’t see for themselves, they can’t see for you.

When you GOYA and get in action, you’re bound to feel some pushback. As long as you’re in a state of integrity with yourself and willing to set boundaries, you get to continue on your merry way.

Maybe today is the day you’re going to try something new. Maybe today is the day you’ll think about it just a little longer before jumping in. Hey—nothing’s wrong here—as long as eventually you get clear on your decision and act.

What are you willing to GOYA for? What’s important to you? Is it your health, your weight, your family, your relationship?

If you’ve discovered your WHY and yet, you aren’t diving in, what’s holding you back?

Comment below and let me know!
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