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Dr. Debbie Bright, DC, MS

Weight loss and gut-health expert Dr. Debbie Bright is an internationally-recognized and board-certified Functional Medicine Physician. She helps Millennials discover their hidden food sensitivities so they can lose that last 7-21 pounds within 21 days or less—all while dramatically up-leveling their energy so they can look years younger and feel better fast. Dr. Debbie is best recognized on social media platforms as the ‘look good naked doctor’, educating her community as to why certain ‘health foods’ are actually sabotaging our weight, skin, energy, hormones and overall well-being. She believes in fast, effective root-cause results so you never have to diet again.
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Most people graze continuously throughout their day, eating from the time they wake until the time they go to bed.

This constant influx of food ruins metabolic flexibility and leads to insulin resistance. If you have excess belly fat, you likely fall into the 80% of Americans suffering insulin-resistant diabetes and prediabetes.

Unfortunately, many haven’t taken a break from constant grazing for years (or even decades!) and fall victim to old science that suggests small meals every couple hours as the key to weight loss. No no no!

Constant consumption of fuel around the clock—even from healthy foods—burdens our genetic and biochemical programming as well as our gut and liver, leading to chronic inflammation that affects skin, energy, weight, arthritis and mental endurance/focus.

Unfortunately, longterm insulin resistance leads to conditions like obesity, heart disease, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s (type 3 diabetes) and Parkinson’s.

Fortunately, the science behind intermittent fasting or time-restricted eating AKA lowering your overall fuel intake (from carbs, fats, ketones and alcohol) for cyclical periods of time can dramatically improve your health (cyclical being key here or you compromise your healthy gut bacteria if you do this too long).

Next time you go to aimlessly pop something into your mouth (or drink fluids outside of water, black coffee or tea)—ask yourself if you’re honestly hungry. It’s paramount to learn the feelings related to true hunger, dehydration, sugar cravings and boredom. Discipline is necessary to move beyond eating “just because” and actually eating to fuel your body when you need it.

Let’s make a goal to stop mindless grazing so you can obtain the body and health you deserve!
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Everyone has an opinion of who you should be in this life.

Some will go the extra mile to push you into being the perfect version of who THEY want you to be.

This year I started taking note of those trying to warp me into someone I’m not—

“Deb, you need to be an endurance athlete.” That training burned me out so badly I ended up bedridden and having to take six months off to recover.

“Deb, going for the cover of Maxim magazine discredits your image.” My message caught the attention of many health influencers and we worked together to raise thousands to help build homes for wounded veterans. People reached out saying they were so inspired!

“Deb, be less forward and funny and confronting when you teach health and weight loss.” My followers and patients stopped relating to me and later told me they’ve always appreciated me for my no BS approach to wellness and want ME back.

I was literally “coached” not to be me. Not even kidding—I was told to change my Facebook and IG profile pic by someone helping me in my business. I was told to have the look and energy of other brands.

What happened? I woke up one day and realized I was living suppressed, exhausted and very unsure of myself. I had lost my voice to outside influence—to people who tried to make me into who they wanted me to be.

Then...one day I woke up and cleaned house. Peace out Girl Scout to those opinions that took me away from being me.

Wanna know how you’ll know if someone is doing that to you? You’ll constantly feel angst in the presence of those people. Your gut will keep dropping hints. That second brain in there knows what’s up. Your body will exude stress until you start hearing what it’s trying to tell you. When something isn’t right—it’s so obvious.

Ultimate goal for 2020: Stop ignoring the red flags and stand up sooner. Shut down what doesn’t feel right. Trust myself more. Ask for guidance only from those that have my best interest in mind.

What do you do when you notice others trying to influence who they think you should be? How do you handle it when it doesn’t feel right?
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Every. Damn. Time.

Even when I eat all the clean foods and wear extra makeup!

Anyone else feeling me?

Side note: I was in a doc’s office waiting room when I saw this today—was laughing so hard to myself that my body was shuddering and I was crying. Yeah people stared. Just too good. 😂😂😂
Let Sunday be thy day of rest... Sounds like solid advice I should probably honor once I’m finished working on the weight loss program I’m aiming to launch for you in mid January!
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Dying. 😂😂😂
A lack of clarity around your goals and lack of discipline in your daily habits will inevitably keep you from aligning with your A game.

You should never limit your vision for your health based on your current circumstances or competencies because what you know (or know you don’t know) right now can always grow and evolve.

However, at some point in your life you have to step into full ownership of that growth and evolution.

Saying, “I don’t know how” and letting that stop you just means you’re playing small.

We were all born not knowing how—the difference between those who remain stuck and those who master their goals has everything to do with the successful ones adding their inadequacies to their to-do list and getting in action.

Far too many people approach health as if it’s optional. Dabbling in lifestyle habits here and there, while never committing to consistency is what keeps the desired outcome just out of reach.

You are responsible for the dream that lives in your heart—when you own it, it asks to expand.

And when you’re aligned...magic happens.
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